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Car Tuning Work: The Benefits and Flaw

Have you ever considered about having your car tuned before? Maybe like upgrading the engine, Indonesian stance, or body works? Car tuning is basically a common thing to do in auto industry since it is considered able to boost a ride’s performance as well as exterior look. Most people who do this want to have better performance, better handling,

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Honda Challenge over Acura MDX

Despite of all the good stuffs and the high technologies used, Acura isn’t doing so well for the sales. Yes, it is a great product. The new MDX design is nice and reliable, and Acura is known to be a pretty good ride as well. Not only the ride is great in performance, it has also passed different kinds of tests with flying colors. It is enough to

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Kombi Production to Stop: Fans and Lovers Mourn

Are you a fan of VW Kombi? Are you into the unique retro design that was very popular during the 60s and 70s? If yes, you may want to take a very good care of the ride since VW has decided to stop the production after they have been making the variant for 62 years.

VW Kombi may not be able to be compared to nowaday’s sporty and futuristic looking

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The Aftermarket Chances for Honda Civic Transmission Parts

The fact that Honda Civic remains one of the most favorite and likeable vehicles in the America auto market is undeniable. That’s why lots of other parties have seen this fact as a chance for them to gain profit – in the most positive ways, of course. After all, one main reason why Civic is likeable is because of the great powers and technologies

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