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Car Tuning Work: The Benefits and Flaw

Car Tuning Work: The Benefits and Flaw

Have you ever considered about having your car tuned before? Maybe like upgrading the engine, Indonesian stance, or body works? Car tuning is basically a common thing to do in auto industry since it is considered able to boost a ride’s performance as well as exterior look. Most people who do this want to have better performance, better handling, better power, and also better look.

The most common tuning work done to a ride is to boost the exterior aspect. Who doesn’t want to have a better looking ride? Most car owners aren’t really satisfied with the look and design of their rides, and they decide to change it. That’s why most tuning work includes custom work where the overall outcome can look like the one you want and prefer. In exterior tuning work, you can basically change the overall look of the ride by making changes on the splitters, spoilers, bonnet, front side and rear side bumpers, and also the side skirts. Sometimes, car owners don’t mind spending more money to change more parts on their rides; with the hope that they can achieve the end result they want. If you are rather low on the budget, and yet you want to make your car somehow looks different, you can always change the tire. Most owners would choose wider and bigger wheels and tires, but you can also choose smaller ones – especially if you want to deliver retro or vintage look.

Engine tuning work usually includes the modification or adjustment of the engine – especially for the internal combustion. It is designed and set up so the machine has greater power, better performance, and also better durability and economy. Won’t it be nice to have a more powerful performance without having to waste loads of fuel for the sake of your pride?

That’s why most auto manufacturers also make and sell the limited edition of customized vehicles for auto enthusiasts who want to have different and one of a kind ride. Take for example Hyundai Motor, with their different customized rides that cover Veloster, i30, Sonata, and Avante.

However, tuning a ride has its own flaws. Most auto owners don’t really want to customize their ride because they are afraid that the price will drop in the secondhand market. Customized vehicles can’t really sell well because of their one of a kind look, making car owners reluctant enough to do the work – except those who doesn’t want to sell their rides and want to keep them for collections.

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